Camille’s Corner: NY Giants & Manchester United

Sports Trivia

Last Week Sports Trivia

What year was the first Super Bowl played?
Answer: 1967

New Sports Trivia

In what year was the first modern Olympic Games held?

 (Will show the answer on the next post)


NY Giants

The Giants are beginning the season with a really rough start.  However week 3 (Sunday 9/23) the Giants turned it around with a close win against the Texans 27-22.  Let’s hope they keep it up Sunday 9/30 against the Saints.

The following is the The NY Giants ranking:

Yahoo sports – NYG rank 24      Bleacher Report – NYG rank 24 – NYG rank 25             SN Nation – NYG rank 27

ESPN – NYG rank 28                  USA Today – NYG 29


NFL Tops – Rams and Chiefs


Across the Pond in Sports

Is England’s Manchester United battling the boss (Mourinho)?

There are rumors of Jose Mourinho (Manchester United F.C. Association football manager, since 2016) is falling out with his team.  For instance, in the past couple of months there have been negative media reports about the club’s transfer policy, manager Mourinho’s treatment of striker Anthony Martial; and now, what appears to be his broken relationship with £89m record signing Pogba ( Jose Mourinho said he does not have to explain his decisions after telling Paul Pogba he will not be captain again.

Mourinho maintains everything is under control; but then footage surfaces showing a Mourinho and Pogba (star athlete) mean grilling each other.  It appears that Mourinho is using the same methods of getting his team on their toes but players do not seem to be reacting to it same.


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