SS Update: Kirk Cousins, Le’Veon Bell, and Saquon Barkley


Join me for a quick update on what’s hot in the NFL! Kirk Cousins seems to be the #1 free agent of the season, Le’Veon Bell can’t seem to get the Steelers to commit, and the Browns might make Saquon Barkley their #1 pick!

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  1. You can never guarantee a winning season. Just because the Vikings won last year doesn’t mean they will win this upcoming season. But you can guarantee getting paid with the chance of winning as well. With that said he would be wise to go green on his uniform and in his pockets. Go JETS!!!

    If the Steelers didn’t give Bell the commitment in years by now it’s not happening. See the Redskins/Cousins situation. What are they waiting for? It’s not like he’s getting any younger. The Steelers are trying to use Bell until they can’t use him anymore…

    The Browns would be smart to draft Barkley at 1 and then a QB at 4. But as a Giants fan I hope they develop a brain freeze on draft night


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