Josh McDaniels Chooses Patriots Over Colts

After initially agreeing to a head coaching position with the Indianapolis Colts, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has changed his mind, and chosen to stay with the Patriots.

“After agreeing to contract terms to become the Indianapolis Colts’ new head coach, New England Patriots assistant coach Josh McDaniels this evening informed us that he would not be joining our team,” the Colts said in a statement. “Although we are surprised and disappointed, we will resume our head coaching search immediately and find the right fit to lead our team and organization on and off the field.”

On Sunday, McDaniels and the Colts were all set to bond for the new NFL season. The Colts had even schedules his introductory news conference for Wednesday at Lucas Oil Stadium. However, when informed about the possible loss of his OC, Patriots owner Robert Kraft decided to reel him back in. According to ESPN, Kraft “sweetened” McDaniel’s contract to ensure he remained in New England.

It seems as though money was not the deciding factor when it came time for a final decision. According to, reports were swimming around as early as last month about McDaniels taking the HC position in Indianapolis. He even went as far as to call multiple candidates for assistant coaching positions on Tuesday afternoon. Some coaches have decided to join the Colts, believing they would be under McDaniels’ leadership.

Though this would be his first head coach position since his time with the Denver Broncos in 2009-10, he has proven to have more success with the Patriots, including five super bowl championships since 2001.

Though the Patriots are pleased with the loyalty of their OC, the Colts are now in a tight spot this offseason. Colts general manager Chris Ballard will have to work fast and hard on finding a new head coach, with just as much promise, before the NFL Scouting Combine begins.


Image provided by Sporting News

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