John Herdman Takes Over as CanMNT Coach

The Canadian men’s national team will be starting the upcoming season with a new, yet familiar, face to lead them. Coach Octavio Zambrano, after 10 months of coaching the CanMNT, has just been replaced by former Canadian women’s national team coach, John Herdman.

Herdman previously coached the New Zealand women’s national team for five years before joining the CanWNT in 2011. While coaching in New Zealand, Herdman lead the team through two world cups as well as the 2008 Summer Olympics. He also led the CanWNT to two bronze medals, one in the 2012 Olympics and the other in the 2016 Olympics.

His successor for the CanWNT will be his former assistant, Kenneth Heiner-Moller. Canada Soccer president Steven Reed has expressed his excitement for the recent change and how it will affect the near future.

“We welcome John to this new role as he brings his success aligning Canada Soccer’s women’s national team program over the past six years and his world class technical coaching abilities to continue delivering results for Canada Soccer for the men’s national team program”, said Reed, according to “… On behalf of Canada Soccer, we would also like to thank Octavio for his contributions over the past year and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

While the franchise seems to be ecstatic about the change, some have voiced some not so agreeable opinions on twitter.


As Canada Soccer undergoes preparation for the next season, adjusting to the new leadership may be a tough obstacle to overcome. However, both teams have a common goal, and that is to keep improving and winning. The franchise and the fans will have to anxiously await the results of this new change in leadership this year.

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