Chiefs’ OC Matt Nagy Becomes Bears’ HC

Ending the 2017 regular season 5-11, the Chicago Bears are in search of change. They’ve found that change in Kansas City Chiefs’s offensive coordinator Matt Nagy. As of Monday, Nagy has officially been named the new Bears head coach.

Nagy began his NFL career as an intern for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2008, where he studied under former head coach Andy Reid. He soon became an assistant in 2010, followed by quality control coach in 2011 and quarterbacks coach in 2013. Finally, he was placed as the offensive coordinator in Kansas City in 2016.

According to, Reid called Nagy “the best head coaching prospect he’s ever had”.

Now it’s time for the Chiefs to find a new offensive coordinator. Filling Nagy’s shoes won’t be an easy fit either. Reid has already posted his requirements for potential candidates on twitter.

The Chiefs did make it to the Wild Card round of playoffs, but fell 22-21 to the Tennessee Titans, ending their season. The Bears did not make it to the playoffs this year, but will go into the next season with renewed hope. Fans can expect to see both of these teams once again in preseason of the 2018-19 NFL season.

Image provided by: NBC Sports

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