Patriots Practice in Winter Storm Grayson

Everyone wonders what the secrets are to the New England Patriots’ success. This Thursday revealed that ‘no days off’ is a big key for the team.

Despite a huge blizzard sweeping the east coast, Head Coach Bill Belichick has the Pats out and running through the snow.

The team did, reportedly, move their final practice indoors due to the weather conditions. However, trekking through the snow in order to get into Empower Fieldhouse appeared to be somewhat of a challenge.

According to, quarterback Tom Brady admitted this would’ve been tough conditions to compete in.

“That was a lot of wind. It would have been interesting if we played today,” said Brady. “I don’t know what would have happened. It would have been tough, kind of like Buffalo had that one against Indy this year.”

Belichick has often believed that practicing in the elements is better for the team all around, in order to prepare for unexpected game situations. However, this snow was unarguably the worst they’ve seen in awhile.

Despite all obstacles, the Patriots successfully completed their practice. After a 13-3 winning season, they will enjoy some down time before heading off to the divisional round of playoffs. They will face the AFC Wild Card champion on January 13th at 8:15pm ET.

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